The complex electrical systems of today’s vehicles, together with modern petrol and diesel engine management, make diagnosing and rectifying faults a specialist job.

We offer an expert “Diagnostic Scanning” service at substantially reduced costs to a main dealer. However without sacrifacing the quality of service. Having the latest technology and tools is part of it, but owning a fault code scanner does not make just any garage expert Auto Electricians. The diagnostic systems are needed to help with the process of rectifying faults. Many people assume that once you plug into the vehicle, everything will be right again.

We have a vast amount of Dealer Level Diagnostic Computers for all different makes of vehicle. This enabling the reading of trouble codes, data logging, immobiliser programming and much more. More importantly however, we have highly experienced Main Dealer trained technicians using this equipment.

How much do we charge for our Diagnostic Expertise?

Due to the nature of electrical faults, the only fixed price we can quote is an hour labour and diagnostic, which is currently £90.00 + VAT.

Obviously not all faults are found in just an hour’s labour. In which case we would call you after the first hour if more times required to investigate. You could then decide if you wished to continue or not. By working this way, there’s no hidden labour charge at the end of the job.